Mission and goals

 As a group of programmers and graphic designers in a typical non-members of the company we are able tostrongly reduce the cost of implementing the website.

Creating a website in a stationary company usually consists of:
1st Payment for the graphics prepared by the graphics company;
2nd payments for its cutting by the so-called. FrontEnd'a to XHTML standards;
3rd payment for the work of a programmer, there are usually the highest cost, since the time the software isusually the longest.

And all it would be nice if it were not additional costs in the form:
1st commission merchant.
2nd commission of the owner / i.
3rd depreciation of the equipment company.
4th amortization of fixed costs the company with an office in the city.

Now, when we realize how this looks worth answering the question: IS REALLY WORTH UP SO overpay!

Of course not! Your cost from us is 100% of the work and the graphics programmer. Do not add anycommission, did not have offices, do not keep unnecessary employees, bosses, or people who have finally, significantly overstate the cost of the product. My good morning lowers the cost of your new page by 50%while increasing the quality of the product.

You do not have to fear about whether this is true. Every day we are working in top IT companies andWielkopolskich graphic studies which clearly demonstrates our professionalism.

Think, then is it worth to pay for dubious quality coffee, usually administered in a typical client companies.However, if you have the same opinion as we are willing to take the cooperation and will offer you a price,which probably does not give you any other company. Can you imagine your site with dedicated, unique,created custom graphics and a modern CMS (no Joomla'e! Or Drupal), even for 300 £ YES!