quaCMS Team

 Our team consists of people for years engaged in web designing. Although each of us is working with another company associated with the informatics industry, it stood not in the way of creating something together. In the end we, the employees of companies creating software and graphics and not our heads :-)

Our goal was to design a system that fully meets the expectations of most demanding customers. The second issue was to gather in a group of people associated exclusively with designing websites. Why? Many people do not realize this, from talking about the web, with the salesperson as to the truth we are talking with someone who has driven a number of rules the head, which often do not even understand. Its sole purpose is to sell rather than customer satisfaction and tells him the truth. We as the people designing websites for years, we are able to provide you reliable information about things related to this industry. Since we do not employ the "bosses" are able to significantly reduce the price for what is perhaps the project is very important for each potential customer's pocket. We work for ourselves, for people who contribute something to the project and not just "are" and a cost that will appear on forever ... just no.

We do not press you just because they suck on that you do not know, we want you to be satisfied with the product that you provide. We realize that in this way build their image and make it at the earliest opportunity and not refer quaCMS competitive, often worse and more expensive products.

Would you like to evaluate our options? See what we can and what can we offer? Welcome to the Projects module. This is where you'll find some projects created by us, and you can see what we're currently working on. Another way is to evaluate our system quaCMS. Enjoy the test version of the administration panel. If you prefer personal contact visit the contact tab. No e-mail or telephone will not remain unanswered.