ALL of the modules are integrated with the operating system in the background backupującym our data andallows us to restore the previous version when saving.
Skeleton websites, the list of categories arranged in a tree that successfully facilitates its subsequent modifications. For each category, we can add pictures, or files, rearrange items in the tree to be displayed such as the first and activate or deactivate the element tree. The module also allows you to add a SEO element that defines a unique section for a particular sub-head. Adding or editing a category, we can determine what it will be showed for example, page text, gallery, product, contact, or other defined appearances or features.
Text Pages
Pages of text module is responsible for almost all cases displaying texts and images on the page. In this section we describe our business, paste pictures or files. Accustomed to the popular word-processing Word'ie often have this problem on the website, not in quaCMS! Here you use the editor CKEditor which its appearance and fukncjonalnościa imitate Microsoft's product. There we have the sub-module that will allow users komentatrzy our site visitors to comment on our texts. We let or deny specific text commentary and determine who has the right to do so, the user logged in or all the reading.
List of board members or the administrator, features reminiscent of text pages. In the module we are able to assign unique values ​​to a particular module and also define constants that you can fill in the fields. Also here you can add photos and files, specify the display order, and to hide or show the ad.
At this point we can define the products or services that we intend to show the page, fukcjonalność identical in relationship to the ads.
News allow us to inform visitors about updates to our website or in the company, has CKEditor editor, can add pictures, files, changing the order of appearance news.
Will allow us to test whether experience interests of visitors to our site. Allows you to add a poll with questions and answers defined by the administrator. The user has access to the panel response statistics, as well as a list of people who responded to our survey. We can define any number of survey responses, and create and change the order they appear.
List of registered members on our side, we have full visibility into data that was entered by the user. You can also manually add new users, or deaktywowoć activate existing ones.
Often, the evils that the text we want to put a list of files to download, and that this forum allows us to. We can define what file type you want to add in the settings. Adding files is supported by a progress bar by which we can determine how long the file will be on serwer.Nie wgrywał longer need to add each file separately, the system allows you to add many at once.
Also, images and photographs are an integral feature of web pages, this section shows a list of currently added images / photographs with the possibility of their editing and trimming the size of the Items. Type of image files we set allowed in the settings. The module allows you to incorporate any watermark to prevent the use of our photos on other websites. You no longer need to add each image separately, the system allows you to add many at once.
In contrast to large parts of competition we do not have set us a list of languages ​​available on your website, you get the possibility of their own and then adding a translation of texts on the page. At a time when companies are starting to conquer the markets of other countries, we know how important it is that the party had other language versions. Added language we can always hide or show and also set the display order of the site.
In this module manually translate the words that often appear on the site, such as price, information, etc. We thank also the ability to translate a phrase or sentence into as many languages ​​as we are currently active in the system.
Mailing system allows you to send bulk messages to users registered in our system, and here's editor CKEditor.
Newsletter Users
At this point we have access to all recorded for our newsletter members along with their data, which can also be modified.
Advertising module allows you to display ads on the page anywhere, as defined when creating the page. Ads can be shared in the form of images, flash or javascript script with different systems of advertising (eg Google AdSense). The way they display depends on the user. It is possible both below each other and as a rotator (random).
Includes a list of most frequently asked questions or problems related to the administration panel quaCMS. This list is the first to know, remotely updated. Section is used to contact the remote contact with the developers and asking them quaCMS questions regarding the operation of the system. The answer we get straight to the panel through which she has never lost to us in August not in a thousand e-mails.
 This module includes:
  • the list of administrators can be set levels of access to modules and actions in themselves (eg, the user has access to pages of text but only to edit them, you can not add, delete).
  • banned ip / mask.
  • general settings of the system.
  • watermarków images and settings.
  • a list of currently available and visible in the menu of modules.
  • SEO.
  • Templates - allows editing of individual modules SMARTY templates displayed on the website.