Prices and terms

Price list of projects

QuaCMS system allows you to create fully editable web pages in just a few hours after the acceptance of graphic design by the customer. This is because quaCMS has a lot of built-in modules which significantly shortens the process of designing a website. The average turnaround time, since the signing of the agreement to download the client to the server is only 2-3 days.

Here are approximate prices of construction sites based on a system quaCMS:

  •  quaCMS system price:  starting in 200 £.
  •  price of a dedicated graphic design idywidualnego: 80-100 £.
  •  cutting design to XHTML with elements of the jQuery / Flash: for free.
  •  dodatkowe moduły: 
    f course not only close to what we have on customer needs create unique modules tailored to the requirements of the project, negotiate prices individually.

Creating web pages can now be quick and cheap, this is why we created our CMS system.

Each module is already embedded in the price system by which strongly limit the eventual payment for modules that competing systems do not exist and you need them again (especially for the client) to create what is associated with substantial costs. The system also comes with installed Google Analytics stats that allow you to analyze the increase in viewing the new website.

For each project executed add:

  • Lifetime guarantee operation of the service, provided by third parties to interfere in our code.
  • Three-month-to-use help system quaCMS
  • The system will enable us to survey your users about their preferences and experiences
  • Newsletter will allow us to send e-mail to users stored
  • Any number of languages will allow us to open to any market, without incurring costs for additional language versions.
  • Modules users visiting the Internet gives us all those who visited us (general data available, ie IP, HOST, etc.) and shows all the pages on which the user has entered.
  • The module support 24 / 7 with that you contact the creators of the system if you need assistance in using the system quaCMS, the answer will get a maximum of 2 hours straight to your panel.



Prices, however, still too high? Let's agree you recommend us to your friend, who does your website with us and you'll get a discount of up to 40%. Nobody celebrate empty-handed until not pay extra for something.
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