What is quaCMS ?

QuaCMS System is an intuitive administration panel created by us for web pages, has a traditional administrative panel with a list of modules to manage the web site. The system is built modularly expand so it does not cause any problems and takes very short time.

The system is also strongly protected against unwanted intrusion by a third party on our website, filtration is used all the data that come with the forms and double check the permissions of the person who is logged on to the panel of our website. The system also allows you to assign individual rights to edit individual parts of the panel to different users. Every movement, the administrator is individually recorded and stored in its history, which allows for checks on people who deal with our web site. In the background, also runs backup'ujacy module data, such a system allows you to restore previous versions of such texts, which were changed at the time of use, and full of entries, such as news, users, images, etc. For each entry, the content of the website, we can separately add both graphics and files to download. For graphics, we can also freely allowing you to crop the throwing of any graphics and not, as in the case of many CMS'ow just such a specific size. The possibility to attach photos watermark'a to make that no one will use our images for their own purposes. The system is also very friendly positioners, who in future will make of your website rise in the rankings of search engines (eg Google). Individual SEO allows you to customize the headers (title, description, keys) to the currently viewed pages. Innovative contact module allows a direct and immediate contact with technical assistance in case of problems with maintenance or operation of the panel, in this case, simply enter the appropriate tab and ask the question using the form. The answer, after a while you are in the panel with a list of your questions with the notation "answered."

At the time of globalization, we know that companies are investing not only in the country, but also try to go out on the borders of the country where they are. Thus, the system has the ability to add quaCMS subsequent versions of the language and text translation fixed on the newly added languages, the number of languages ​​is UNLIMITED. The system as you make innovations and improvements are automatically update'owany to a new, more functional version of the machine are also placed on the questions and answers to help department. Tab setting also allows you to define what types of files that are entered into the system, and the SMTP server to send mail (eg if your server has disabled support for sending e-mail). Possibility of integrating query caching will greatly accelerate the operation of the system, which will open a web page much faster.